This week’s RAW is brought to us from England that is pre-taped. Raw starts with an episode of MIZ TV with special guest utilizing the Wild Card Rule Roman Reigns. Miz as any good talk show host asks Roman the pressing questions. Miz brings up Elias and the European crowd chants for Elias which Roman acknowledges and says that you would only walk with Elias are karaoke stars and wedding singers. Roman tells Miz that him and the crowd want the new Miz, the Miz from last week who chased Shane McMahon all around the ring. Miz cuts a beautiful promo on Shane who eventually comes out and announces that Miz TV is over as Elias and Bobby Lashley attack Miz and Roman. The crowd goes nuts for Elias and Shane announces that there will be a tag team match between Elias and Lashley VS. Miz and Roman Reigns.

With the pre-taped show, the match begins just as the commercial break ends. We see Elias and Miz. Pretty high paced match to begin both The Miz and Elias benefiting from the better produced camera angles on a tapped show, Miz and Elias have a good bout until Roman wants a piece of Elias. Elias evades out of the ring and we begin to see Lashley VS. Roman. Lashley showing off all his strength against Roman. Roman takes a lesser role in this match as the crowd is clearly behind Miz and Elias. We see Miz hit IT kicks to both Elias and Lashley. We are left for another commercial break and brought back to Elias walking the top rope and hits a meateora! Elias looks to have the three count as Roman breaks the pin fall. Bobby Lashley is tagged in and Lashley who hits a long held vertical suplex. Miz breaks out and just before Miz can tag Roman in, Shane attacks Roman on the apron and Miz and Roman get the win as Elias and Lashley are disqualified. Shane, Lashley and Elias all attack Miz in hopes to leave him less than 100% before Money in the Bank. Roman comes and hits a suicide dive laying out all men however he is outnumbered as Lashley, Shane and Elias all turn their attention to Roman. As they make their way back into the ring the Miz grabs a steel chair and lays out Lashley and Elias who both walk right into a superman punch from Roman as Shane escapes backstage. We are left before the next commercial break with Miz and Roman are left in the ring.

We see a video package showcasing Seth Rollins career highlights that brought him to the universal champion. Seeing Rollins though his younger years and his final destination with the title around his waist. The video package leads into the challenger where A.J. is the next man on the horizon and we see some WCW footage of A.J. Styles and that no one thought he would come to WWE, but he has made a career of proving he is better than the best. One of the best video packages since the early 2010s in my honest opinion.

We get a backstage interview between Charly and Braun Strowman, Braun announces that there is nothing that will stop him from being Monster in the Bank again. The interview is cut off as Braun is summoned into Shane’s office.

After commercial break Sami is telling Shane that the only reason Braun acts like a monster is because of the crowd wants him too. Shane announces that tonight there will be a match between Braun and Sami for the spot in Money in the Bank and it is announced that it will be a falls count anywhere match.

Apollo Crews jobs out to Mojo Rawley this is a terrible match and a poor spot to be in for crews.

Alexa Bliss is seen backstage talking on the phone and it appears that her luggage is missing which had her ring gear in it. Nikki Cross appears and asks Alexa if she is ok and that she feels like no one has seen her as she has been on raw for four weeks now. Nikki says she will be Alexa’s friend and that Alexa should ask the McMahons to have a replacement for her in the fatal four way tonight. Alexa says she will ask them to have Nikki be her replacement for tonight.

After the commercial break Michael Cole is in the ring with the contracts for Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair to sign for their matches against Becky Lynch at Money in the Bank. First Lacey comes out to sign for the contract. Charlotte comes out and it’s like staring at two twin sisters as both women are almost the same height and same build sitting next to each other. Becky comes out and gets a rather small pop from the English crowd. Becky place both belts in front of the competitors. As Michael Cole is telling Becky how daunting a task it will be to defend both belts the crowd comes alive with a Becky Two Belts chant. Charlotte is talking on the mic is painful to hear and when Lacey grabs the mic the crowd chirps both blondes as Becky just sends dig after dig to both women. Becky tells both women that one of them can’t afford to lose her first title match and the second can’t afford to lose her millionth. Becky grabs both contracts and signs them. Charlotte grabs the mic and says that Becky can’t live up to the reputation that she built for herself. Charlotte tells Becky that she will bow to the Queen. Lacey grabs the mic and says that Becky is a disgrace to all the young women and signs the contract. Both Charlotte and Evans attack Becky but Becky fights off both them but as they double team Becky she is double power bombed through the contract signing table. The crowd chants Charlotte no belts and both Lacey and Charlotte grab the belts they are fighting for and hold them high.

The ring is cleared out and we are brought back from commercial break to be joined by Baron Corbin. He is facing off against Ricochet which we see a backstage segment on the picture in picture screen. Ricochet tells the WWE universe that he is willing to risk everything to win the money in the bank briefcase. Ricochet starts off by running circles around Corbin. However, both superstars are able to show off their speed and athleticism. Ricochet wrestles at such a high pace speed that it might be a chance for Corbin to show us that he has more to offer than just the same paced matches we have seen from him since WrestleMania. Even in England however Corbin has go home heat from the crowd. Throughout the match Ricochet seems to be clenching his rib cage and could potentially have a set of bruised ribs. Ricochet hits a standing shooting star press but kicks out at two which leads to an end of days for three count. Corbin gets a clean win over Ricochet. After the match Corbin grabs a ladder and bring it in the ring and climbs to the top acting as if he was going to take the briefcase above the ring. Ricochet pushes the ladder down leaving Corbin tumbling to the ground.

We have a Rey Mysterio backstage interview with Charly and Cesaro interrupts telling Rey why is he talking trash about Joe who isn’t even in the building and that Dominic looks more like Joe than he does Rey. Rey and Cesaro have a backstage brawl but is quickly broken up by officials. Rey shouts that you don’t mess with family.

A.J. Styles is interviewed backstage where A.J. addresses the Phenomenal Forearm and that it was intended for Corbin. A.J. also says this maybe Monday Night Rollins but not for long.

The women’s Fatal Four way is next between Naomi, Dana Brooke, Natalya and Nikki Cross. This is the first time we are seeing Nikki Cross on Raw since she was announced during the superstar shake up. Natalya gets Dana Brooke tied up as Nikki goes to the top rope but is tossed off by Naomi. Alexa Bliss joins commentary singing the praises for Cross. Naomi lays Dana Brooke upon of Natalya and hits a split legged moonsault. Dana Brooke sets up the ladder on the outside of the ring and shows the WWE Universe that she can be competitive as well. Nikki Cross hits a between the ropes neck breaker to gain the pinfall over Natalya. Alexa goes down to the ring and grabs the briefcase after Nikki Cross sets up the ladder for her. We get an image of Alexa on top the ladder holding the briefcase.

Sami Zayn is backstage checking his social media cutting a promo on Braun and how he(Sami) can and will win his match against Braun because he is fighting for what is right.

Rey Mysterio comes out to the ring to have a match against Cesaro. Cesaro comes out still with his Bar music and representing the Bar throwing up the Bar hand gesture. Rey hits multiple hurricanrana to Cesaro but Rey is quickly out muscled. Cesaro counters a hurricanrana however it turns into a hurricanrana into the barricade. Cesaro grabs Rey during a Rey dive under the bottom rope and swings Rey right into the same barricade. Rey makes his way to the top rope but is hit with a European uppercut followed by a top rope one armed vertical suplex by Cesaro. After the commercial break Cesaro hits Rey with a big swing which leads to an uppercut. Rey is left hanging in between the ropes. Cesaro attempts the Swiss19 but Rey the master of the 619 counters to a sunset powerbomb. Rey only gets the two count as Cesaro gets his shoulder up at the last second. Rey goes to the top rope for a splash but is hit with an upper cut. Rey counters the neutralizer which leads to a 619 and splash for the three count as Rey wins match. Rey is still dizzy from the swing as he tells the referee.

The Revival react and call out The Uso’s and call for a stop of the pranks. The Revival tell the Uso’s that any time they are ready to face the best tag team in WWE they will be waiting.

The latest Firefly Fun House begins as Bray tells the crowd that he has a secret. Abby tells Bray that it better be good, and Mercy tells Bray that he has stuff to do so hurry it up. Bray tells the crowd that he can’t do it alone and will need the help from all his fireflies. Bray tells the crowd that his soul is warm but there is still a lot of darkness in his head but this time he learned to harness it and control it. Bray opens the door in the Firefly Fun house and has a creepy mask and Beetle Juice pants on. Bray shows off his dark and sinister new look. As well as Ramblin’ Rabbit is brought back from the abyss.

Seth Rollins is backstage and tells the WWE universe that A.J. and Seth had one match against each other 15 years ago and at one point he looked up to Styles but at Money in the Bank he will be victorious.

Braun VS. Sami begins next for their falls count anywhere match. The match starts with Braun laying waste to Sami. The crowd still chanting Sami’s song 3 minutes into the match. Quickly the match goes into the crowd. Sami throws a beer into Braun’s face as he makes his way to the top of the lower deck. This allowed for some space which allowed Sami to hide and hit Braun with a garbage can in the concourse. Braun quickly rebounds as he throws Sami repeatedly into the cement pillars. Corbin comes out and attacks Braun. Corbin throws Braun through a table, but Sami is only able to get a two count. Braun throws Corbin into the concourse steel grate eliminating him from interfering. Sami and Braun make their way back into the crowd where Sami starts to attack Braun with a Steel Chair. Sami and Braun go back stage again where Braun throws Sami into the garage door. Drew interferes and DDTs Braun into a steel chair. Drew tells Sami to cover however Sami is only able to get the two count. Braun throws Drew into the TV monitor as Sami tries to evade back to the ring. Braun shows no weakness after all the interference and grabs a ladder and attacks Sami on the entrance ramp. Braun buries Sami under the ladders but Drew and Corbin double team attack Braun. Drew hits a Claymore on Braun as Drew and Corbin drag Sami upon of Braun and hold him down as Sami gets the three count for the win and Braun’s spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. After the match Corbin throws Sami back out towards Braun who drags Sami up to the announcers table and choke slams him through. Raw ends with Braun walking backstage after taking a clear beating.