Raw starts with The Beast in the Bank Brock Lesnar making his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. Seth Rollins comes out after Paul Heyman tells him that hes scared of what wakes in the shadows as the Beast might cash in his money in the bank contract at any moment. Seth tells Brock that he wants him to cash in tonight on him so he can get it over with and beat him again. There is a stand off in the ring but Paul notifies Brock that maybe Seth isn’t worthy. Kofi Kingston comes out and challenges Brock to cash in that contract on him. Paul Heyman announces that sadly Seth and Kofi are busy tonight and that possibly for the first time the Champions are challenging the Money in the Bank Winner.

The first match of tonight’s Raw is Sami Zayn VS. Braun Strowman. Before the match could start Sami Zayn runs out of the ring and through the crowd. Both Sami and Braun run backstage where both men attack each other but eventually makes their way to the ring and the bell rings. Braun hits Sami with a hell of a clothes line which leads to a power slam and Braun gains the pinfall over Zayn.

Lars Sullivan will have his first interview on Raw tonight with Charly Caruso however after a video package of all the superstars that Lars has run through the Lucha House Party come out and attack Lars. All three members of the Lucha House Party hit a missile dropkick that tosses Lars out of the ring. Lars fights back but eventually Lucha House Party is able to escape unharmed.

Ricochet VS. Cesaro is announced next on Raw. Before the match Raw cuts to a back stage segment where Ricochet is in the trainers office getting ice for his back but Cesaro tells him that it is clear why he (Ricochet) is apart of the bubble wrap generation. Ricochet takes that as a challenge which is what lead to this match. The match starts and Ricochets back is heavily tapped but does not seem to slow Ricochet down. Cesaro is attacking Ricochets back intently and hits one of the highest tossed flap jacks on Ricochet that i have ever seen. After the commercial break we see Cesaro putting Ricochet into a back stretcher but Ricochet starts to fight back but Cesaro is not taking any of it. Cesaro goes to set Ricochet for another flap jack but Ricochet stands ontop of Cesaros shoulders and back flips off. Ricochet goes to the top rope but is hit with a European Uppercut out of mid air. This leads to a stunning back breaker to Gotch Neutrilizer. Cesaro gets the pinfall but Ricochet seems to be injured as he was clenching his fists and was unable to get up. Clear agony out of Ricochet as refs are accompanying him in the ring.

We leave Ricochet in the ring and go backstage to Charly interviewing A.J. Styles but A.J. is interrupted by Baron Corbin who tells A.J. that it was a slap in his (Baron’s) face that Styles got the opportunity while Baron pinned Seth Rollins two weeks ago on RAW. Styles actually slaps Corbin in the face in which Corbin tells Styles that he will pay for his actions.

Roman Reigns comes out to the ring utilizing the Wild Card Rule. Shane McMahon comes out and tells Roman that he is Shane’s new focus. Roman tells Shane that now that he (Roman) is done with Elias he has free time to take on Shane. Shane asks the crowd if they want to see Shane VS. Roman which the crowd pops for however Shane tells the crowd that is not going to happen. Shane introduces Drew McIntyre out and we get that there will be a match between Shane McMahon Vs. Roman at the Super Showdown.

The Uso’s VS. The Revival is announced for tonight and it is happening next! For the first time ever we get a singles tag match between these two extremely talented teams. Shane and Drew are backstage with Drew where the Miz confronts Shane and Miz asks Shane if he (Shane) thinks hes done with Miz. Drew cuts Miz off and tells Miz that if he (Miz) has a problem with Shane that he has to go through Drew. The Revival attack the The Uso’s before the bell rings and double team the The Uso’s taking every opportunities to single out and double team the brothers. The Uso’s start to bounce back by stepping up the pace of the match. The Revival hit a double team power bomb to elbow drop to Jey Uso but can only get the two count as the fight in Jey is unmatched. Jey talks trash to Dawson and a quick tag to Jimmy leads to stereo superkicks but Dash Wilder breaks the pin up and hits a tornado DDT to Jey. Dawson gets the quick roll up and the victory by three count after he pulls the tights to ensure that Jey does not kick out.

Alexa is backstage with Nikki Cross but is interrupted by the Revival as the just got the pinfall and Dash Wilder tells Alexa that they should be the next guest on the moment of bliss. It is also announced that we are going to get a new episode of Firefly Funhouse next! The Funhouse has a new intro and it gets very dark as subliminal let me in messages flash. However there is no content to the episode. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross come out for a Moment of Bliss segment. It is clear that Alexa thinks second of Nikki as Alexa asks for a coffee but just pours the two cups into her cup. Becky comes out as the main guest of the show. The crowd showing her support for Becky but every time Alexa talks she keeps redirecting Nikki creating an awkward tension between both women. Alexa asks Becky about the loss but The Iconics come out and tells the crowd that it is no longer Becky two belts but just Becky one belt. Becky tells them to shut their faces and that at Money in the Bank she defended her belts more times than the Iconics have since WrestleMania. Becky tells them if they want to keep running their mouths Becky will be called Becky Three Belts soon. Lacey Evans comes out and announces that the reason Becky lost a belt was because of Lacey Evans. Becky tells Lacey that now that she can have all her attention in that ring vs Evans and The Iconics. Nikki tells Becky that she will be her partner and Lacey tells Becky and Nikki that they are still one women short. Becky tells the crowd that Alexa will do which Alexa states she never agreed to that. Becky tells Alexa to just stand there and look pretty as The Man will handle everything.

We get a six women tag match between Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Becky Lynch VS. The Iconics and Lacey Evans next! The match starts with Becky and Billie Kay in the ring first. Billie Kay quickly tags in Peyton Royce who Becky tells Peyton to tag Lacey Evans in. Alexa Bliss is not even on the apron but instead sipping her coffee on the outside just looking pretty. Becky tags in Nikki Cross who goes to work against Peyton. Peyton tags in Billie Kay and The Iconics double team against Cross. Lacey is tagged in who taunts Becky but Peyton is tagged back in quickly. Alexa stands on the outside cheering on Nikki while still sipping her Americano as Corey Graves points out. Nikki gets the hot tag to Becky who makes work with Billie Kay. Lacey Evans walks out as Becky hits a Becksploder to Billie Kay. You can hear as Becky is on the top rope she yells at Billie Kay to come closer and the match ends as Becky gets the pinfall over Billie Kay.

Mick Foley comes out to announce the newest Championship to WWE. Mick says that it is time to make Monday nights RAW again. Mick exposes the title slightly as he enters the ring. The new title will be defended 24/7 and as he shows the title the crowd has no pop at all. The title is terribly designed. Mick hears the crowds no reaction and tries to keep the promo going but the crowd is dead. Tonight however on the third hour of RAW they will crown their first 24/7 champion tonight in a scramble and that the title is open to every man on the NXT, RAW, SMACKDOWN, LEGENDS, 205, NXT UK rosters. Mick does a great job with his promo. The bell rings and a slew of superstars come out trying to come in the ring to grab the title. The good Brothers both grab the title but EC3 breaks it up. The Championship is still inside the ring as Drake Maverick is tossed out by Titus Oneil who wins the first 24/7 champion but Robert Roode comes out and pins Titus to claim the title utilizing the falls count anywhere clause in the title.

Drew McIntyre VS. The Miz is next after the long commercial break. Robert Roode is running backstage frantically trying to hide from all the superstars so that he does not lose his title. We are brought to the ring where Miz and Drew are in the ring, the lights are turned off on the crowd emulating the old WCW look. Drew is joined by Shane ringside. The Miz and Drew go back and forth exchanging blows and tosses from each other. Drew tosses Miz over the barricade as Drew is being cheered on by Shane. After the commercial break Miz hits a sunset power bomb to Drew from the top rope. Miz hits two double knees which leads to Drew running after Miz but Miz evading and Drew hitting his elbow. MIz sets up the It kicks against Drew. Drew picks up Miz but Miz counters to hit a hurricanrana. Drew hits Miz with an Alabama slam but some how even after that tide turning slam Miz kicks out. Miz sets up for the figure four but Drew kicks Miz and distracts the ref that leads to Shane hitting a cheap shot to Miz. Miz counters a clay-more and locks in the Figure Four but Drew hits multiple chops to Miz to break the submission. Miz hits the drop kick between the ropes to Drew on the outside and chases Shane over the barricade but as Miz is focused on Drew, Shane attacks Miz which leads to Drew hitting a Claymore right in the middle of the ring. Shane grabs the mic after the pinfall and Shane tells Drew to put Miz in the corner. Shane climbs the top rope as he is setting up for the coast to coast. Roman Reigns comes to defend Miz and hits a superman punch on Drew as Shane escapes the ring.

Robert Roode bumps into Baron and Bobby Lashley and Roode tells the two men that they didn’t see him as a crowd is chasing him. Charly joins Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins where both men tell the crowd that even though Lesnar is lurking that they are focused on Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin tonight. WWE addresses that Last night the referee failed to notice that Samoa Joe’s shoulders were not on the mat and that Joe says that he never lost the match. WWE also that Rey Mysterio has suffered a separated shoulder from Joe’s beat down after the match. Samoa Joe tells Rey that he (Joe) is giving Rey the gift to hand Joe back the United States Championship and we will find out the future of the championship live next week. Robert Roode is backstage in the parking lot where R-Truth helps hide Roode in his trunk of his car as the crowd runs past Truth and the hidden Roode. Truth helps Roode of the trunk only to attack Roode and capture the 24/7 championship.

Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston VS. Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode is next! It is announced that this match is a no disqualification tag match as Kofi and Seth make their way to the ring. Baron Corbin attacks Seth on Seth’s way down to the ring. Bobby Lashley cuts off Kofi as Kofi goes to defend his tag partner. The bell rings and Seth runs right into a deep six from Corbin. The main event is interrupted by the longest commercial break of the night but as we are brought back we see Seth and Baron Corbin in the ring as Corbin hits a right hand punch on Seth’s head. Seth counters with a sling blade and attacks Bobby Lashley stopping Lashley from entering the ring. Corbin drags Seth out of the ring and buries him under a slew of chairs. Bobby and Baron turn their focus on Kofi as they set up Kofi for a double superplex but Seth comes in and hits both men with a steel chair saving his tag partner Kofi. A botch by Bobby leads to Seth hitting a suicide dive and a free fall by Kofi. Kofi hits a trouble in paradise to Baron to get the pinfall and the winner Seth and Kofi. However Bobby Lashley spears both Seth and Kofi and attempts to attack both men with a steel chair. Seth hits a superkick which leaves Bobby incapacitated. Brock Lesnar comes out and everything thinks he is going to cash in the briefcase but instead we hear Paul Heyman tell Lesnar to wait till next week and they will tell the world which championship Lesnar is going to go after. Raw ends with Brock walking up the ramp.