We get the opening segment of Monday Night Raw with a Moment of Bliss where it is announced that there will be two matches for Money in the Bank. One match will feature a women’s contract and one a men’s contract. Alexa Bliss goes on to announce the men competitors in the Money in the Bank match. The men that are announced are Braun Strowman, Ricochet, Drew McIntyre, and Baron Corbin. Ricochet ends up calling Baron a failure for his cash in two years ago and Drew takes over the mic pointing out that Ricochet, the new comer is the odd man out in this land of giants in the ring. Drew also points out that Baron stole his victory last week for a match for the universal title. Braun then calls for a match between him (Braun) and Ricochet VS. Corbin and McIntyre. The match starts and Ricochet is tagged in. This is the build we start to see that Ricochet is able to compete and hold his own against Drew and Baron. A good overall match but the major turning point in the match comes when Baron gets a blind tag on Drew trying to steal the spotlight. This ends when Drew punches Baron and walks to the back leaving Baron exposed and allowing Ricochet and Braun to capture the victory.

The Uso’s make their way to the ring featuring some new music and talking into the mic similar to R-truth on their way to the ring. Their opponents are the debuting Club of Gallows and Anderson. This is a great match from both sides. The Good Brothers are the clear heel in the match and the match ends with a Stereo Super Kick to Karl Anderson which leads to an Uso Splash. After the match the Uso’s grab the mic and have something to show us on the screen. A video of earlier backstage shows Dash Wilder shaving Scott Dawson’s back in towels. This is hilarious to the Uso’s and The Revival end up making their way to the ring. We get to see the seeds of this Revival and Uso feud.
The next segment is Miz T.V. with special guest Bobby Lashley. Lashley appears on Miz. T.V. without his hype man Lio Rush. Miz goes on to say that maybe Bobby has not lived up to his fullest potential which Lashley responds with that he has been a two time Intercontinental Champion two times in his one year return. This leads to The Miz to list off his accolades which is much longer than Bobby’s. It is odd that Bobby does not make reference that he was once the ECW champion. Bobby instead asks Miz what happened at mania and if he is so great how come he did not beat Shane McMahon. This leads to a match between The Miz and Lashley. After the commercial break we see the Miz dominating over Bobby Lashley until Shane McMahon comes out to act as a distraction. The Miz, un-phased by the attempts and false run-ins by Shane continues the match. The match ends when Shane broadcasts a photo of The Miz’s father. At this point Lashley is able turns the tides and captures a pin fall over Miz. After the match Shane and Lashley attack Miz in a brutal beat down and Shane gives Miz a headlock until Miz is rendered unconscious. Shane then proceeds to yell at the lifeless body of Miz that he (Shane) is the “best in the world” which leads to the crowd chanting out C.M. Punk’s name. This leads to later in the show Miz challenging Shane to a steel cage match at Money in the Bank.

Making their way to the ring is the Viking Raiders who are about to go toe to toe with the Lucha House Party. Am overall good match as Raiders capture the win with a Viking Experience. This continued dominance of the Raiders will hopefully get more fans over the name change and can be a serious threat to the Raw tag division.

The second segment of a Moment of Bliss makes way as Alexa announces the Raw women competitors in the Money in the Bank match. First announced is Natalya who makes her claim as to why she should be the winner, second is Dana Brooke who is cut off by both Natalya and Bliss. Naomi is announced as the third and takes a long speech which Bliss interrupts stating that one women backstage is waiting to hear her name and that the spotlight should be on her. Alexa announces that she will be competing in the women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Naomi calls out Bliss stating that she (Naomi) could beat her anywhere anytime. Bliss as the chicken shit heel she is makes the excuse that she does not have the right shoes on for a match. Naomi states she could beat Bliss barefoot and we have a match between Bliss and Naomi.

There is a segment on the screen where we get the newest episode of the Firefly Fun House. We are introduced to the third character of the show, Ramblin’ Rabbit. Bray is depicted as painting a picture of his house burning from the hands of Randy Orton and that even though Orton has not asked for forgiveness Bray does forgive him. Abby the Witch is woken up yelling at Bray to not play in the Fun House and that he must not forget all the bad he has done. Bray says he is truly sorry and announces the word of the day as Sociopath. Another oddly creepy vignette for Bray that has a sort of childish charm.

The Alexa Bliss VS. Naomi match starts. It is good to see Bliss in the ring on television again, Bliss showed little ring rust against Naomi. An overall good match between two of Raw’s best stars. However Bliss suffered from her shoe laces coming untied every couple steps and having to shout at the referee that she has to continually tie them. Naomi eventually gets the win after she countered a Pure Bliss and ripped Alexa’s shoes off blindsiding her with a Drive By.

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring for an interview with Charley Caruso. The crowd is going nuts for Becky chanting for Becky two belts. Becky appeals to the crowd and states that all she knows how to do is fight. This is strong promo for Becky but not her best. She addresses that she wants to defend the titles and give opportunists to those who haven’t had them. We get a video replay of last week where WWE has edited the video to hide the no sell Becky gave to the Women’s Right. At this point Lacey Evans makes her way to the ring, and even with the little bit of lines that she is given she makes everything of the opportunity. This encounter leads to Becky and Lacey to brawl on the outside of the ring. This is broken up by some security guards and Jamie Noble and Fit Finley.

Hawkins and Ryder VS. The Revival is next and unfortunately this match was cut from the Hulu version and we missed it live. However this fact of the match not being on the Hulu version of Raw is another example of Raw diminishing the tag team division. By not featuring your tag champions for viewers you are showing that the titles do not have much value.

Sami Zayn has a promo in the ring. Just as previous weeks Sami is calling out the crowd for his unhappiness in WWE. Sami goes into talking about psychology and focusing in on psychological entitlement. Sami has the word and a shortened definition on the titan-tron so as he claims the crowd can understand. Sami tells the crowd that they have been fed a lie that the customer is always right and goes into telling a story of a young child coming up to him at the airport at 4 am asking for an autograph. Sami says that when he said no the little boy cried and he (Sami) felt bad that the boy was being raised to this entitlement view. Sami ends the promo by saying he is going to be the critic of the critics (talking about the fans). Overall this was a solid improvement from the promos of the previous weeks for Sami.

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring and starts a cutting a promo on Rey Mysterio. Joe says that Dominic should be ashamed of his father after the beating that Joe gave Rey at Mania. Rey makes his way to the ring and they being to fight. An official match starts and we are shown that both these men still have that magic. Rey ends up getting the victory after a sunset flip roll up to Joe. Joe took a stiff DDT in the middle of the match that seemed to have left him a little dazed in the ring. As Rey is making his way backstage he is joined by his son Dominic. Only critic to this match was why did Joe not try to reach for the ropes when Rey pinned him. He was essential directly within a hands length away and could easily have gotten the rope break.

The final segment of Raw is the contract signing between Seth Rollins and A.J. Styles. Styles really got to shine here on the mic as he did most of the talking leaving Rollins speaking only for a couple short sentences. A.J. not being known as a great promo did very well and was able to add something to his character and showed us that he is the heel in this match. Styles brings up the fact that through out Seth’s career everyone has told him that he(Seth) could be the next A.J. Styles. However as A.J. stated there is only one phenomenal one. Seth responds by telling Styles that he is ok with never being A.J. Styles because the only thing he ever wanted was to be the first Seth Freakin’ Rollins. Rollins then tells Styles that Smackdown might have been the house A.J. built but this is Monday Night Rollins. At this time the crowd is chanting “Burn It Down” in which A.J. tells them don’t worry we will burn it down and I (A.J.) will rebuild it. Rollins brings up the point that he was able to slay the beast Brock Lesnar something that A.J. could never do. There is a stand off after A.J. asks if Seth will be able to hold up for their match. Eventually A.J. attacks Seth and hits a Phenomenal Forearm that sends Seth through the contract table. Raw ends after this image of A.J. standing in the corner and Seth laying through the table.