Smackdown starts with Roman Reigns coming out. Commentary explains to the crowd that Roman is the reason for the new Wild Card Rule as Roman believes that WWE is his yard and he wants to defend it on both shows. Roman comes out with a mic in the hand and claims that he has unfinished business with Elias and that he is going to solve it tonight with his new friend The Miz. The Miz makes his way to the ring and comes back to Smackdown Live since the shake up. The Miz comes out saying that it is unforgivable and unforgettable that Shane put his hands on his father, however Roman is just standing there. Shane comes out with Elias and tells Miz that he is not the wildcard and that Miz is banned from the ring! Shane recruits the help from Daniel Bryan and Rowan who all four stand on the apron locking The Miz and Roman Reigns in the ring. All four men attack The Miz and Roman. The Uso’s come out and help The Miz and Roman Reigns and all four men toss Daniel Bryan, Rowan, Shane, and Elias out of the ring! It looks like The Uso’s and Roman are together in the ring.

We have tonight a Fatal Four-way between the Smackdown Live competitors in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match next. First our is Randy Orton but we are joined backstage with Elias, Rowan, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon who announces that tonight there will be a match between Roman and The Uso’s VS. all four of them and if The Miz comes near the match his steel cage match at Money in the Bank will be cancelled. Randy Orton is in the ring and announces that at Money in the Bank when he wins the brief case the most dangerous letters in WWE will be RKO. Zelina Vega and Andrade come out and announce that it will be a spoiler at Money in the Bank when he wins the brief case. Ali comes to the ring and we are reminded of what prompted this match where Randy Orton attacked both Andrade and Ali last week during their match. Finn Balor is the last man to the ring and gets the largest pop being from Europe this was expected and well deserved. The match starts and we quickly see Randy Orton taking control of the match picking apart each man individually. The crowd is behind Randy even though he is clearly one of the heels in this match. Ali goes to the top rope to hoping to hit a top rope DDT but well scouted the potential of the RKO and fakes out Randy Orton. Ali hits the DDT but the pinfall is broken up by Andrade. Finn even thought getting the biggest pop did not do much in the early parts of the match. However, Balor hits all his signatures and sets up Andrade for a coupe de grace however as Finn makes his way to the top rope Andrade knocks him off. Andrade hits a double knee however Finn kicks out at 2. Andrade grabs a ladder and hits Orton and Balor but as Andrade makes his way to Ali, Ali hits Andrade with a superkick. Andrade rolls out of the ring and as Ali goes to dive over the top rope is hit with a flying ladder. We come back after the commercial break and Ali goes to hit a 450 but Balor moves out of the way which leaves Ali wide open for an RKO. Andrade gets the win with a hammerlock DDT over Balor for a clean three count. After the match Andrade sets up and climbs the ladder reaching for the briefcase as Ricochet runs down to the ring and tosses Andrade off the ladder and takes the briefcase.

Charlotte Flair comes out on Smackdown Live one night after she signed the contract for her opportunity at Money in the Bank against Becky Lynch. We get a great video package outlining the coming of Charlotte and Becky Lynch from their time in NXT to their first years in WWE. After the video package we see Lacey backstage who says don’t be distracted by the video package and that she will beat Becky and be the new Raw Women’s Champion.

Aleister Black has a vignette warning his opponents that if they try to get into his head they will not like what they find in there. Back to the ring we see The Uso’s and Roman Reigns make their ways to the ring against Shane, Elias, Rowan, and Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan and Jimmy Uso start the match in the 4 on 3 handicap match. Elias and Jey face off next and Elias puts a quick beat down after Jey lands awkwardly on his leg. Shane, Bryan and Elias all take turns working Jey’s leg. Jey tries to get some offense started but is tossed from the top rope landing on the barricade hard. After a long commercial break we are brought back with Elias in the ring and the crowd is chanting to walk with Elias. Jey Uso is able to knock down Shane which leads to the the tag in of Roman Reigns who makes work of the Daniel Bryan who Shane tagged in. Rowan finally enters the match against Roman and we get a weird temple press by Rowan to Roman. Either Rowans move-set is extremely limited or he has a small move-set as Daniel Bryan carries not only his tag team but the fatal 4 tag team tonight. Bryan is tagged in again spending the most time in the ring as the legal man. The most exciting match up of the night is Jimmy Uso VS. Bryan as both men wrestle at such a high pace. Jimmy and Jey stereo superkick every opponent but Elias hits a drift away leading to a Bryan knee to Jimmy. Roman breaks up the count but Rowan tosses Roman out of the ring. Roman hits Rowan with a superman punch but as Jimmy is laying in the corner Shane McMahon tags himself in and hits a coast to coast for the win. The Miz comes out as soon as the match is over and hits Elias with a steel chair and then hits Rowan. Daniel Bryan tries to grab the chair from Miz but is greeted with a stereo superkick. Rowan is hit with a spear by Roman but Shane makes his way out of the ring.

Kairi Sane and Asuka accompanied by Paige have a match tonight against Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Before the match we get a bunch of iPhone promos from the Smackdown women competitors in the money in the Bank Ladder match. The Iconics join commentary and Paige announces that Kairi Sane and Auska are now the Kabuki Warriors. Mandy and Sonya come out with mics in hand calling out that all Paige that all she did was name a tag team. Mandy tells the crowd that the only name that matters is Ms. Money in the Bank Mandy Rose. Sonya and Mandy also tell the crowd that they will be going after the Iconics title. Kairi Sane and Asuka start off strong against Fire and Desire keeping the match pace fast which plays to their advantage. After the commercial break we are brought back to Kairi Sane laying fists into Mandy Rose. Kairi goes for a forearm to Mandy who is laying in the bottom of the turnbuckle but is pulled out of the way by Sonya Deville. Mandy capitalized by kitting a kiss the rose to Kairi. Sonya tags Mandy back in but Kairi gets the tag to Asuka who starts to heat up. Asuka locks in the Asuka lock but it is broken up by Sonya Deville who is tagged in and goes right for the Asuka. Asuka unleashes a veil of kicks but ends up running right into a spin buster as Mandy Rose calls for the tag which leads to Asuka to get the quick tie up and the three count for the win.

Kevin Owens is backstage and says that he will tear Kofi Kingston apart limb from limb as Kofi is the special guest on the Kevin Owens show tonight. However, before Owens can start the show Kofi makes his way to the ring. Kofi calls out Kevin Owens and the crowd starts to chant the Kofi Show. Kevin Owens is backstage and tells Kofi that it is lonely at the top without his friends. Owens informs Kofi that he is only relevant because of The New Day and that without them he is nothing. Kevin shows a video package showing how he has made a statement since his first day in WWE. Kofi has had enough and calls out Kevin Owens to have a fight right there right now. Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring from backstage but turns around as he is about to enter the ring. Kofi chases Owens on the entrance ramp and attacks Owens but Sami Zayn comes to the aid of Owens and there is a double team beat down on Kofi. As Owens sets up a power bomb to Kofi Xavier Woods comes out to aid his New Day brother Kofi. Xavier is quickly tossed aside as commentary points out that Xavier is not 100 percent. Zayn and Owens bring Kofi into the ring and continue the beat down as the crowd chants New Day Rocks. Smackdown Live ends with Kevin Owens screaming at Kofi in the corner that he could end him right now but he is leaving just enough for Sunday and lines up for a cannonball. Kofi evades the cannonball as Sami attacks Kofi. Sami lines up for a helluva kick but Kofi counters and hits a trouble in paradise. Smackdown closes out with Kofi standing tall in the ring.